About my book “SOLITUDINARIAN “

Solitudinarian is a woeful tale of a person, who survived after confronting the indecipherable enigmas in his life.His dear ones left him with a sarcastic smile on their wicked faces.when he had no one in his life, grief held his hand and provoked him to write about despondency. Even today, he is living with some unfulfilled yearns and the untold sacrifices, he made for his cynosure.He decided to live with some bleak memories, that rustle in his mind every now and then. 


Glimpse of an orphanage 

Opened eyes in an orphanage…   Some inquisit about their parents,   As if a child is trapped in a cage. 

They play with broken toys,  Donated by pretentious aristocrats!  Grief of losing parents usually annoys.

Roaming without slippers in winters Nobody scolds him!                    “You’ll fall sick ” Nobody whispers.

Searching parents in every person. Something echoes in their head,  They miss them in every season.

Neither they’ve memories nor photographs,                                   Some self-portrayed glimpses.      story of unseen scars…

” Getting everything in charity         In the envelope of disparity”