The ongoing tussle between my mind and heart is urging me to recall some unpleasant moments of my life, which is tormenting for me. I was an infant, when God auctioned my toys and then happiness disowned me for years. My crown is decorated with bountiful achievements, but the agony of losing certain things, has nullified the ecstasy of these achievements. Life has not always been deceitful to me , but it has never missed a chance to trample me ruthlessly. The companion I had , is a known stranger now. I dwell in my self created notional world, which is a quagmire of untold sacrifices and nightmares. The walls around me , delineates the glimpses of some familiar faces and the windows are lament of some departures. An adamant door, that won’t allow a menace or an intruder to barge in to my notional world, with a deliberation to deceive me.
    This day has to be cherished          A broken mirror has to be fixed.

-Vaibhav Singh 



She smiled after destroying himWill it be considered as a sin?               Kept him in the darkness of diplomacy,                                       When curtains were lifted,           She was the murderer of his ecstasy.

He got deluded by her conviction
Yearn to reveal everything via fiction
Incinerating her memories forever,
He wails !!!!
It’s all over…..

He taught her ” How to play with words”
And she played with his life!
She left him , for someone better.
Yes! She was a traitor.